Rebel Rebel

Velocio is one of those special kinds of brands. The sort that cares about how their clothing is made and where, how it feels when you put it on or when you take it off, and most importantly, if it wears well

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Jazzy Bike Pants

Here at Treadlie, we love to see people putting themselves out there and trying new things. So we’re pretty excited to discover that two Melbourne creatives have kicked off a Pozible campaign to make Jazzy bike shorts a reality. The Jazzy mission

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Back pedal: issue 16

Haven’t we all seen that hirsute young chap riding down our local streets on that very bicycle? You could be forgiven for thinking this Dunlop tyre advertisement from 1917 was more recent. The Netherlands found it difficult to import rubber from the

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The GH Bike Rack

Australian-based furniture makers, Olas, aim to bring together time-honoured craftsmanship and modern design, and The GH Bike Rack does just that. Visually light and conceptually minimal, the rack makes use of sculptural form to keep your bike storage elegant. Perfect. Words: Eleanor

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Centrefold: the Speedfox

We reckon that the charm of trail riding is that it can be seriously tough. Mountain biking can be a hard slog, so bikes need to be able to handle demanding conditions like steep, fast climbs, tricky descents and sharp switchbacks. BMC Switzerland

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