Knog launches Scout bike alarm and finder

Knog, the boldly inventive designer of bike accessories and outdoor lighting products, is redefining the meaning of bike security. Using the latest in technology, Knog invites you to meet the all-new Scout. Both a super loud bike alarm and a highly accurate finder, Scout allows riders to rest assured that their bike is secured and protected like never before.

Knog understands that leaving a bike unattended, especially in an urban setting, can be risky. That’s why the innovative brand set out to design Scout. Loud, lightweight, rechargeable, waterproof, and long lasting, this new accessory is the bike security solution riders have been looking for. A sophisticated alarm and finder system that works in tandem with a secure Bluetooth signal, Scout communicates with any Apple device using the ‘Find My Network’ feature. Knog’s obsession with creating and innovating products that shake up the bike scene grants riders the freedom to explore and play in their urban backyard, all while knowing the status of their bike is safe and secure. “Scout has been in development for well over three years,

which is a good indication of just how difficult it was to achieve the dual function of a bike alarm and tracer in one specifically designed unit,” says Knog co-founder and designer Hugo Davidson. “We are now delighted with the final product, which has exceeded our already high expectations.

We genuinely believe that Scout represents the future of bike security,” he adds.

Thoughtfully designed for commuters and cyclists who are obsessed with riding and take the security of their bike seriously, Scout Bike Alarm & Finder can be discreetly and easily mounted to a bike frame via water bottle cage mounts using tamper-proof security screws. Weighing less than 1 ounce (equivalent to the weight of a single AA battery), Scout is extremely minimal and has an impressive battery life of up to 6 months. With a waterproof rating of IP67, Scout can endure all types of conditions, including rain, snow, and can even withstand a bike wash. When leaving the bike, users can simply arm Scout using the Knog app on an Apple device or on Scout itself. The device has multi-functional LEDs that allow the user to clearly see if their Scout is armed, paired, and view the status of the battery. Once armed, any movement of the bike triggers an impossible-to-ignore alarm (a blaring 85 decibels) and then sends a text alert to the user. Once notified, users can trace the bike’s location using Apple’s ‘Find My’ app and take action to recover the bike faster.

The new Scout Bike Alarm & Finder is available at