• What is Treadlie?

    We were founded in Melbourne, Australia by Green Press in 2011 as a print publication specialising in cycling culture, design, fashion, travel and, most of all, people.

    Over the years and issues we journeyed far and wide capturing cycling stories – the heartwarming, hair-raising or hilarious moments on and off the bike. Recently, we decided to get with the times and shift completely online where we could better keep up with the cycling industry and connect with the community. Sure, we’ve changed things up – but you can still count on us for exciting and original stories to do with cycling.

    So don’t be a stranger, have a look around!

  • Can I contribute a story to Treadlie?

    Yes! If you have a story you’d like to share with us, please head to this page.

  • Who do I contact for enquiries or possible features?

    Questions? Comments? Knock-knock jokes? Send them all to [email protected].

  • I'd like to sponsor and/or advertise on Treadlie

    Let’s join forces! Please find relevant information here.

  • Can I purchase copies of the former print magazine?

    Why yes, you can. Please get in touch via email, [email protected].