24Bottles Porta Bottiglia

The Porta Bottiglia is a removable bottle carrier designed and made in Italy from regenerated cotton. Attaching to your bike frame, the portable rack was made for 24Bottles' Urban Bottle, but it fits standard ones and even graciously accommodates a bottle of...

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Fat of the Land

They can give you quite a workout, but they’re also the ultimate cruise machines. We drill down into the fat bike phenomenon. In 1980, French adventurer Jean Naud rode a bike fitted with oversized experimental tyres across the Sahara desert. It was

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5Zero: new event in North East Victoria

North East Victoria’s growing popularity as a cycling adventure destination has received another boost with the new event 5Zero, to be held on Saturday 8th September 2018. 5Zero is a fresh social ride challenge, centred around conquering the 50-kilometre gravel trails course

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Profile: Tina McCarthy

Tina McCarthy has a simple goal – to get as many women as possible riding bikes. It’s why she started Wheel Women in December 2012. In the last five-and-a-half years, Wheel Women has won multiple awards for its work in making cycling

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Rothera Cycling caps

Like all of the best things, Rothera Cycling was created to break the status quo. Tired of cycling caps that all looked the same, Rothera make their own by hand in Austin, Texas. While their caps are more than the sum of

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Cycling Orsk, Russia

It should come as no surprise that we’re big advocates for traversing the world via bike. In this video, a band of mates ride through Orsk, Russia and camp out in the countryside. CYCLING ORSK from CYKLING on Vimeo.