Z-TRITON: a trike, boat and home all in one

Latvian studio ZELTINI is clearly all about multi-tasking. The Z-TRITON is a tiny amphibious home/camper designed for travel over land and water – perfect for adventurers who like variety! Plus, it's equipped with electric assistance. The Z-TRITON is yet to be made available to the public, but we're sure it'll pique the curiosity of...

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Editor’s pick: bike shops

We ❤️ bike shops! (No surprises there.) Here are a coupla favourite places for buying, talking and admiring bicycles and gear in all their glory. Issue 19 Leap of Faith A community hub for bike enthusiasts across Cape Town, Woodstock Cycleworks is an inspiring

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Ben Johnson regales the story of building and designing his flagship store and carving out his niche in Melbourne’s cycling scene. Ben Johnson has spent more time around bicycles than most. For the better part of a decade Ben was amongst the

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