Video: Wham-O Wheelie Bar

Is there a reason we have never heard of Wham-O Wheelie Bars? Because they certainly don't seem like a passing fad. Relegated to the realm of wacky contraptions is this bike accessory that allows riders to effortlessly – if somewhat dangerously– do wheelies. This glorious clip from the 60s is everything we could ask for (and possibly...

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Off Street Parking: Utrecht

I have wrestled my bike so many times from the unruly mess of those parked around Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands but all that has changed with the opening in May of the Fietsenstalling Jaarbeursplein or Jaarbeurs Square Bike Park. The

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‘Glove’ by Loffi

There are times when we could all use a hand while riding. Objectively cringe-ful puns (that we’re still proud of) aside, we’re quite taken by the ‘Glove’ by Loffi. Designed to reduce aggression and conflict on the roads, this is a high

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Video: bikes by Evel Knievel

 As tends to happen these days, we got stuck in an Internet wormhole. This one was filled with retro cycling commercials – and we didn’t regret finding it. Check out this clip of Evel Knievel advertising his own range of bikes complete

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Treadlie Street: issue 18

Who Bevan Whiting, a design engineer for Vestner (a German lift manufacturer) from Christchurch, New Zealand. Wearing My favourite Seagull Shirt, Academy brand, scored from David Jones when I was on holiday in Melbourne. Spray On stretchy jeans from Factorie and the good

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