Sydney launches bike travel campaign

The City of Sydney’s “Give Yourself A Lift” campaign aims to take pressure off public transport services in the Green Square area by promoting the benefits of riding a bike instead. Posters at busy bus stops in one of Australia’s fastest growing

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Jazzy Bike Pants

Here at Treadlie, we love to see people putting themselves out there and trying new things. So we’re pretty excited to discover that two Melbourne creatives have kicked off a Pozible campaign to make Jazzy bike shorts a reality. The Jazzy mission

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Japan creates cyclist train service

Have you ever caught the train with your bike in tow? Some of us will agree it can be an awkward and cumbersome exercise. What’s more, getting out to distant cycling trails can be tricky even with a car once you factor

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Lisa Jacobs

The competition for cyclocross is centred in Europe, but the current Australian champ has it all worked out. Being an elite athlete is a balancing act – low or no pay means many athletes also have to manage a day job. But

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