The SpeedX Unicorn


Road bike startup SpeedX has returned to crowdfunding to get the company’s second smart bicycle off the ground. It’s called the SpeedX Unicorn, and it’s a computer-equipped bike that is built for a super smooth ride and costs $3,199. The first bike ever to be equipped with VCS, the SpeedX Unicorn allows you to absorb bumps and...

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An oldie but a goodie the TiGr lock remains one our favourite pieces of gadgetry to date. A titanium bike lock, the TiGr is designed as cleanly and thoughtfully as a bike. It’s secure but elegant, simple and easy to use and store.

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Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

Introduced in 2015, the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race is the first event of its kind in Australia. Inspired by the prestigious “Spring Classics” of Europe, the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race provides a weekend of the world’s best cycling,

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Meet the Halfbike

The Halfbike is a new type of vehicle to awaken your natural instinct to move. It combines biking and running, and though it’s nothing revolutionary to travel it’s definitely something new and fun. The standing rider position is essential for the Halfbike

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The Ascent

Thousands of bike riders are set to return to the Yarra Ranges in April 2017 for Bicycle Network’s second women-only ride, The Ascent. Held for the first time last year, Bicycle Network’s The Ascent ride aims to address the gender imbalance in

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