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Boucle De Burbs is a cycling tour of the relatively unknown and unchartered backstreets and laneways of Adelaide – a well as the surrounding suburbs. The aim is to offer an event that provides a great day out on the bike with friends and family. It is not a race. Riders are given a map to follow, allowing participants to take as long as...

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Washed out in June, but rebooted this August, the Tathra MTB Enduro is back thanks to some amazing community support after flooding, (mega) foam, and fallen trees almost put an end to 2016′s incarnation of this fun, family friendly MTB racing event by the

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The Velce Bicycle Pedestal

  The Velce Bicycle Pedestal is more than a bike stand, it’s a piece of furniture –  a meaningful and aesthetically cohesive place to put one’s bicycle in the composition of everyday living spaces. Designed to capture a bicycle’s nature and form,

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