Nutcase Unframed

For the third year in a row, Nutcase Helmets will work with international artists in 2016 to create  unique helmets as part of the Nutcase Unframed Program. In 2014, Nutcase launched the first Unframed Artist Series campaign. Their first global call for submissions

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Pedal Design Competition

Pedal Brisbane is calling on designers and design enthusiasts nationally to submit concepts for Pedal On, the 2014 Brisbane Design Competition of all things bicycle related. In keeping with Pedal Brisbane’s aim of promoting all things bicycle, from aesthetics to advocacy, the

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Working Wheels

Getting businesses onto bikes is a speciality of Melbourne’s Peter Santos of psbikes. As a Dane, Peter is used to seeing businesses turn the urban jungle into their playground with the right set of wheels and is passionate about turning Australian businesses

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Knog Film Festival

Lighting up your nights, Knog are hosting a Film Festival with a competition for short films with the theme No Ordinary Night. Film a short video showing your far from ordinary night, shock, scare, amuse and entertain! There are only a couple

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Bulmers Bike Build in Issue 12 of Treadlie Magazine

Bulmers Bike Build

When we teamed up with Bulmers Cider to host the Bulmers Bike Build we wanted to try and reach as many potential bike designers as possible. Not only master craftspeople wielding their oxy-acetylene torches and bike building traditions, but also those inspired

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