The Bent Basket

Design geeks assemble! The Bent Basket is a simple, clean looking front rack or “basket” based off the form and function of skateboard decks. Starting out as a university project six years ago, the Bent Basket has been slowly and subtly been

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Tailfin 2017 (176 of 1241)

Tailfin bike rack and panniers

It’s a frustrating fact that not all bikes are made to accommodate racks and panniers. Rack mounts can be hefty even without a pannier attached, meaning they are often best suited for heavier bikes – effectively ruling out road, touring and cyclocross

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Alleyhats cycling caps

With their funky designs and ripper patterns, Alleyhats cycling caps are impossible not to like. These classic, four-piece cycling caps are handmade in London. Kate is a costume maker and tailor who designs, makes and hand finishes each cap. If that wasn’t impressive

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Knog’s luminary PWR lights

Knog’s PWR range is a breakthrough in bike accessory technology. PWR is a network of bike and outdoor products designed to share a battery. The technological prowess doesn’t stop there – that same battery can also be used as a power bank

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A solar powered e-bike charger

In recent times, solar technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Now, the sun’s energy can be harnessed to power your e-bike. This folding panel pack charges 36-volt e-bike batteries. It includes a regular USB charge port so it can even charge

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