Centrefold: the Convercycle

This is a city bike … wait, it’s a cargo bike – wait, it’s both? The Convercycle was created to meet the needs of riders who are short on space but big on convenience. This adaptable steed is roughly the size of

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Alba Optics releases STRATOS

Alba Optics recently-announced design, STRATOS is eyewear that helps you focus on the goal whether you are racing a stage or training on your home terrain. STRATOS sports the new S-LENS VZUM™ ultra-lightweight polycarbonate interchangeable lenses developed by Alba Optics with one

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Temple Cycles grips

These grips from England’s Temple Cycles are made of a durable cork and rubber composite specially designed for comfort. They look pretty ace, too. Images: Temple Cycles

The Reflective Notabag

Made from high visibility reflective material, the Reflective Notabag is a combination of a bag and a backpack designed to make its wearers stand out on the road. As well as being an eco-friendly reusable bag, it’s water-resistant and machine-washable. Talk about

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Centrefold: Priority Coast Cruiser

Calling all beach riders! If you’re after a bike that can provide a smooth ride and withstand rust then this is the build for you. Designed, assembled and tested in coastal climates around the globe, the Priority Coast Cruiser has been specially

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Video: Mattell V-rroom

Sure, you love your bike. But how much more fun would it be if your trike sounded like a hot rod? Mattel’s V-rroom is the answer to this question. This gizmo attaches to a child’s bike and even comes with a pretend

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