Soomom kit brings style and substance

Finally, we have shaken the restrictions and the frigid mornings in Melbourne. And gee, it feels good to be free of the layers. And this new kit from Soomom has added that extra spring to the pace. Whilst I might not be at the front of the pack, at least I look quick and nimble  – and as we know, that’s what it is all about. 

The merino jersey is a great fit and this mob from Sydney’s northern beaches definitely know a bit about style. Their in-house design and innovation shows. Compared to lycra, the merino will keep you warm in winter, yet cool in summer. And this breathable jersey has a beaut side zip pocket for extra snacks on the longer mission.

The nicks are durable and super comfy. And what I like is the colour combos; they’re understated yet oozing elegance. Give them a go, you will be mightily pleased.

Words Tom Bodycomb