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Issue 11

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad. Issue 11 is packed full of great reading and photography! We caught up with Prolly, or John Watson, while he was in Melbourne and also squeezed in a chat with Paulus Quiros, the amazing Welsh bike builders. Synchronized cycling New Zealanders the...

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Treadlie Magazine Issue 9 December 2013

Issue 9

We knew this issue would be something special when a knight of the realm offered to do a trackstand for us in Collins St! We caught up with (Sir) Paul Smith while he was opening his new Australian store and talked fashion and bicycles, as you do. The specialness continued when Sarah Ward, or was it Yana Alana, rocked up to our photo shoot in...

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Issue 8 Treadlie Magazine - Clare Bowditch

Issue 8

In issue 8 of Treadlie we talk to the fabulous Clare Bowditch about cargo bikes and happiness. On the darker side we also find out how Perth artist Stormie Mills go his 'thing' for bikes and the nooks and crannies of our cities that they allow him to explore. We visit CPW, a kooky little bike shop in Tokyo and take a look at the world of...

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Treadlie Magazine June 2011 Issue 7

Issue 7

In this issue of Treadlie we check out New York artist Taliah Lampert and her bicycle portraits, the amaaaazingBarry Adamson talks about Batman and bikes, while sustainable fashion advocate Lara McPherson shares her discovery of everyday riding. From Canada racy girls the Deadly Nightshades all-girl bike gang share parties and...

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Treadlie Magazine, March 2011, Issue 6

Issue 6

In this issue of Treadlie Shannon Bennet discovers New York's food secrets on a bike, we chat to Brisbane's biking barista Justine Sinclair and an artisan baker from the Yarra Valley, Iain Banfield about bike polo, baking and the cyclocross connection. Sydney framebuilders, the legendary Bundy's get a profile, all three generations of...

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