Treadlie Magazine, March 2011, Issue 6

Issue 6

In this issue of Treadlie Shannon Bennet discovers New York’s food secrets on a bike, we chat to Brisbane’s biking barista Justine Sinclair and an artisan baker from the Yarra Valley, Iain Banfield about bike polo, baking and the cyclocross connection. Sydney framebuilders, the legendary Bundy’s get a profile, all three generations of them!

In Portland, orgeon, USA we discover Sidewalks End, urban farmers who rely on their wheels, while in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for traditional street food vendors a bike can make all the difference! Wheelwrights share the craft and science of building quality wheels with us and we talk to a passionate collector of the BMX.  One of our writer’s went to Burning Man and she comes back with some mad tales of this very out there festival and the special role the bicycle has to play! As usual, Toolkit is packed with fabulous bike accesories, shops, cafes, events, design, clothing and art while Treadlie St showcases more fabulous bike people and stories!

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