Treadlie Magazine Issue 3 June 2011

Issue 3

Issue 3 features Kate Rhodes, director of the State of Design Festival, on the cover and inside Kate tells us all about design and bikes and how the two combine in her life to form a beautiful system! We also talk to the incredible Catherine Baba, stylist extraordinaire, and Parisian-Australian commuter. Richard Nylon, milliner and stylish man-about-town, shares his bike stories with us. From the Netherlands, Dutchman Herman van Hulsteijntells all about how his amazing Cyclone bicycle came about.

There’s a DIY with everything you need to know to put together your own cyclocross bike and we look at the almost-lost art of pinstriping and who is reviving it. We look at two projects where bamboo bicycles are changing lives in Africa and design projects around the world that have seen bike racks raised to a form of street art. Our Centrefold is a stunning Peugot  Mixte while our travel piece was written by some kids who challenged a Bali mountain, fixed.

As usual Toolkit is packed with fabulous bikes, accesories, clothes, art, gear, cafes and shops while Treadlie St brings you our favourite riders spotted on the street from around the world.

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