Treadlie magazine Issue 5 December 2011

Issue 5

Our cover for issue 5 features Kim Salmon (of the The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surealists, fame) looking very Rock ‘n’ Roll. Inside, we continue the music theme with a chat to Sydney’s Dom Turner, blues legend and bike rider from way back! 3RRR’s Jacinta Parsons talks about music and bikes and building community while UK travelling minstrel, Jack Stafford fills us in on his musical world tour by bike.

We check out the beautiful bikes being built by Mike Flanigan at  A.N.T. in the States and then go on to ponder electric bikes. They’re mainstream in many parts of the world, will they be so here? We look at a peculiarlysociable bike from the past before moving on to some DIY to get yourself a sweet little vintage step through. A particularly adventurous rider travels the world in our travel tale, while at the other end of the spectrum, we look at the ‘Short Trip’, biking never looked so easy! As usual Toolkit is full of fabulous bikes, accesories, cafes, art, clothing and much much more. Treadlie St brings stylish riders and their stories to life from the streets!

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