Issue 11

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.

Issue 11 is packed full of great reading and photography! We caught up with Prolly, or John Watson, while he was in Melbourne and also squeezed in a chat with Paulus Quiros, the amazing Welsh bike builders. Synchronized cycling New Zealanders the Velociteers held us rapt with their machinations as did the Velocipede Improbulator, Matt Benn with his amazing machines. Our travel feature takes to the white gravel roads of Italy for L’Eroica and we explore the history of the local ‘track’ in Australian communities. There is of course much much more; an ace centrefold, Malachi’s recommendations for your musette, Toolkit, Off Street Parking and the rest!
You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.