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Bike School: The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky Wheel opens up cycling and its benefits to communities and people that may otherwise never get the chance to ride.  Hamdi Mohamed sits astride a fuchsia Malvern Star. A pink Nutcase helmet tops her white hijab. Her tartan school dress

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Cycling to work cuts health risks

Using your bike to get to work could cut your risk of developing cancer and heart disease by almost half.‌‌ New research by the University of Glasgow published in the British Medical Journey (BMJ) has found that cycling to work is associated

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Move The Wheels

Like most countries these days Indonesia has a awesome little bike scene going for it in certain cities, largely populated by friends and communities like Fixietas Jakarta. This particular group was founded in 2010 and, according to them, has been “riding together ever

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Port to Port MTB

The Port to Port is an annual four-day MTB stage race that is open to riders of all abilities, with a health motto, “it’s a ride, not a race” – although there is also an elite race with some big names featuring

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Profile: Speedvagen

Exciting standards and eccentric humour have won Sacha White a dedicated following. The names of Sacha White, Vanilla Bicycles and Speedvagen have been synonymous with the custom bicycle scene for many years. From a distance, the Speedvagen coat of arms resembles that

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Battle on the Border

Founded in 2009, the Battle on the Border has grown to become one of the leading cycling festivals on the East Coast of Australia, providing a competitive staged racing tour and social rides to participants from across the nation and South East

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