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Bike School: The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky Wheel opens up cycling and its benefits to communities and people that may otherwise never get the chance to ride.  Hamdi Mohamed sits astride a fuchsia Malvern Star. A pink Nutcase helmet tops her white hijab. Her tartan school dress

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Juliana Launches New Strega 170mm Bike

Italian for witch, the Strega’s name was the brainchild of SRAM/Juliana team rider, Anka Martin, who helped test and develop the model on the alpine trails of Triora, Italy, the home of the last European witch trials. This launch is a big statement

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The ‘Upcycled Bike’

According to new research the average British kitchen has $457 worth of unused gadgets, generally totalling an average of 34 items that go untouched. In light if this, food delivery company, Deliveroo, decided to make a fully-functioning delivery bicycle made out of

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Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride

The Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride is a unique event that not only sees riders battle the bitumen or dirt across Cape York but also ensures that monies raised by the event support the ‘bush kids’ who live in the very locations

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Utilities: The Bicycle Snake

By now you’ve probably seen that we’ve started doing some new sections on the Treadlie website, whether that be the Centrefold or Editors Picks. Utilities is a new area we’re adding to the mix. There are so many interesting and useful features in

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Rapha Lines Collection

Inspired by the visual pace of optical art, the new Rapha Lines collection features a unique print that gives the illusion of movement even when static. Incorporating products from across the Rapha range, including our City and Pro Team collections, Lines brings

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