Lake Hume Cycle Challenge

The Lake Hume Cycle Challenge 2018 will be held on Saturday, February 24. The event offers rides suited to all fitness levels and riding abilities set in and around the rolling hills and valleys of Lake Hume and the Kiewa Valley regions.

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Achielle was founded in 1946 in Belgium and has since been carried on by descendants of the original founder. Each Achielle bike is proudly handmade in Belgium still today and is the product of three generations of experience. With its strong, clean

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Sarah 1hp

Sarah Imm

She combined her love of fashion with a passionate belief in the social benefits of cycling and turned it into a highly popular blog. Every so often you come across someone with unbridled enthusiasm for whatever it is they do. So it

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Light up your ride with the Lumos helmet

The Lumos Helmet applies the latest in smart technology to bike safety gear. The helmet integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and a helmet all into one. Read on if you hate multi-tasking. Lumos is the brainchild of two engineers who were seeking

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Alleyhats cycling caps

With their funky designs and ripper patterns, Alleyhats cycling caps are impossible not to like. These classic, four-piece cycling caps are handmade in London. Kate is a costume maker and tailor who designs, makes and hand finishes each cap. If that wasn’t impressive

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