Gear Up Girl

Bicycle NSW is on a mission to make a change among women, and you can join in too. The annual Heart Foundation Gear Up Girl ride fosters a growing movement of advocacy, activism and support for gender parity. Building on over a century of

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Japan creates cyclist train service

Have you ever caught the train with your bike in tow? Some of us will agree it can be an awkward and cumbersome exercise. What’s more, getting out to distant cycling trails can be tricky even with a car once you factor

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The GH Bike Rack

Australian-based furniture makers, Olas, aim to bring together time-honoured craftsmanship and modern design, and The GH Bike Rack does just that. Visually light and conceptually minimal, the rack makes use of sculptural form to keep your bike storage elegant. Perfect. Words: Eleanor

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Lisa Jacobs

The competition for cyclocross is centred in Europe, but the current Australian champ has it all worked out. Being an elite athlete is a balancing act – low or no pay means many athletes also have to manage a day job. But

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Centrefold: the Speedfox

We reckon that the charm of trail riding is that it can be seriously tough. Mountain biking can be a hard slog, so bikes need to be able to handle demanding conditions like steep, fast climbs, tricky descents and sharp switchbacks. BMC Switzerland

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