Treadlie Magazine June 2011 Issue 7

Issue 7

In this issue of Treadlie we check out New York artist Taliah Lampert and her bicycle portraits, the amaaaazingBarry Adamson talks about Batman and bikes, while sustainable fashion advocate Lara McPherson shares her discovery of everyday riding. From Canada racy girls the Deadly Nightshades all-girl bike gang share parties and...

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Treadlie Magazine, March 2011, Issue 6

Issue 6

In this issue of Treadlie Shannon Bennet discovers New York's food secrets on a bike, we chat to Brisbane's biking barista Justine Sinclair and an artisan baker from the Yarra Valley, Iain Banfield about bike polo, baking and the cyclocross connection. Sydney framebuilders, the legendary Bundy's get a profile, all three generations of...

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Treadlie Magazine Issue 4 September 2011

Issue 4

Issue 4 features a profile of the fabulous Benjamin Law, written by the man himself, with gut-wrenching tales of bicycle mishaps, blood and gore, before a very happy ending! Melbourne writer Tony Birch talks about bicycles and writing, while Sydney journalist Jennifer Macey shares her passion for the Brompton. We check out the amazing Kinfolk...

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Treadlie Magazine Issue 3 June 2011

Issue 3

Issue 3 features Kate Rhodes, director of the State of Design Festival, on the cover and inside Kate tells us all about design and bikes and how the two combine in her life to form a beautiful system! We also talk to the incredible Catherine Baba, stylist extraordinaire, and Parisian-Australian commuter. Richard Nylon, milliner and stylish...

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Treadlie Magazine Issue 2 March 2011

Issue 2

In Treadlie #2 Nell Schofield waxes lyrical about Sydney's emerald bicycle lanes, could this be the start of something big for the Emerald City? Melbourne artist Michelangelo Russo talks about riding his bike and the artistic process, not as far apart as you might think. While chef, Joe Simone, heads off to market with his cargo bike to make sure...

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