Editor’s Picks: Cycling gifts

Cactus Tongue Bike Holder Beautifully made from curved stainless steel and detailed with leather contact pads that cushion your top tube or handlebar with reassuring softness, the Cactus Tongue SSL-ROADIE wall mounted single bike holder is an indoor bike hanger that oozes class

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Bike City: Tokyo

If you ever thought Tokyo would be a difficult place to cycle in you’d be right, and wrong. Bike ownership is very high, riding infrastructure is very low. We check out the paradox. “I was really fascinated by how the Japanese react

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Building bridges for bikes

Interested in how a simple cycle-path become an international engineering sensation and the pride of a Dutch city? On November 6, hear from the man behind one of the world’s most famous pieces of bike infrastructure – a soaring, suspended, circular cycle

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Future2 Wheel Classic

Now in its eighth year, Future2′s flagship fundraising event, the Future2 Wheel Classic, will head to Tasmania and will follow a seven day route, starting in Devonport on  November 16 and finishing in Hobart on November 22. With nearly 7,000 metres of

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Ride to raise

Jason Roberts combines food, fundraising and cycling in a continuing effort to provide school breakfasts for kids in need. Being a chef is a stressful job. Long hours, tight margins, hot tempers and demanding customers can turn the kitchen into a pressure cooker. Finding some

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Centrefold: The Titan

Designed by Velo Culture in Portugal, this bike is a bespoke Titan, a brand honouring ‘The Titans’ – the century-old cranes at the Leixões sea port where Velo Culture opened their first store. The frame was built by one of the most

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