Chinese Sydney by bike

Lions, lanterns and vermillion arches, these are just a few hints at Sydney’s Chinese past.Explore this fascinating history in the best possible way, by bike, on the Our Chinese Past By Bike tour. Part of Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival, the tour

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Night Grinder

Its Friday 13th, there’s a gravel road stretching into the distance before you, it’s dark, with just a hint of an eerie moon peeking from behind a whisky cloud. What could possibly go wrong? Melbourne Gravel Grinders will be running their annual

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Pushy Women – Tour de Suburbs

Join four of the pushiest of women together with the clever and most excellent ladies of The Squeaky Wheel for an easy-riding feminist frolic through Melbourne’s inner north! Four of Melbourne’s leading, smart, sharp and hilarious writers, thinkers and performers are leading

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MoreArt 2013 with The Squeaky Wheel

MoreArt 2013

Its that time of year again! Spring has sprung and art comes to the Upfield in Moreland with the launch of the 2013 MoreArt Exhibition. What do koalas made from recycled plastic bags, taxidermy animals and Egyptian pyramids have in common? All

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Beijing Vintage Ride 2013

The inaugural Beijing Vintage Ride was held earlier this year and saw stylish Beijing riders take to the streets in tweed and mao-inspired fashion to celebrate Beijing’s long history of riding. Check out this video by ace photographer Peter Carney. Beijing Vintage

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