Night Grinder

Its Friday 13th, there’s a gravel road stretching into the distance before you, it’s dark, with just a hint of an eerie moon peeking from behind a whisky cloud. What could possibly go wrong?

Melbourne Gravel Grinders will be running their annual Night Grinder this December. Technically, since it starts at 1.00am it will be December the 14th but that doesn’t fool us. This is an unsupported ride requiring proper lights since it will be dark, and spooky, and you will be on a gravel road, possibly in the middle of nowhere, all by yourself ……….

Well actually no, annually aprox 50 riders have turned up to earlier night rides, so you might have company, and not of the spooky kind. Using a modified version of last year’s course with a few special treats thrown in, around the hills of Kinglake/Hurstbridge/Christmas Hills, the ride starts from 1.00am and finishes in time for breakfast. There will be a half-way-ish point set up, with drinks and some snacks, although you will also need to bring your own. We’ve even organised for some Emma and Tom’s bars to be there.

Check the Melbourne Gravel Grinders blog to stay abreast of details.