Fixed on fixed

Five of Melbourne’s most passionate fixed gear riders have been profiled in this beautiful little clip from videographer Raechel Harding. Fixed on Fixed aims to show that riding fixed gear is not only about the bike but also the community that comes with

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Bike Rave

Join Melbourne’s next Bike Rave Saturday June 21st, where music, glow sticks and fun times come together. There is a a three hour mix produced especially for this event and full of pumping party tunes to keep you dancing on the pedals

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Fixed Gear Melbourne

So here’s a little visual interlude, something to while away a few moments while you work out how many people you think you might know. Fixed Gear Melbourne from Jamie Judges on Vimeo.

City of Melbourne Bicycle Forum

If you’re a regular rider in or through the City of Melbourne then there is no better time than spring to get along to one of their Bicycle Forums. The Bicycle Forum provides an opportunity to give your feedback on what has

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