Steel, Carbon and Beans

Wooden floorboards, printed photographs displayed in a wide open space, bikes, clothing and accessories, a cafe run by the fantastic Clement Coffee Brewers, a mechanic’s workshop; not things generally found under the one roof.
Yet it seems À Bloc, found in Melbourne’s inner-south suburb of Prahran, has made these things work together – even compliment each other.
À Bloc offers high-end, featherweight machines and accessories while also catering to more relaxed or utilitarian riding, all while supplying everyone with an ever-important coffee. The layout lends itself to a wander through the various items on display while waiting for a warm drink, or during a bike tune.
The collection is relevant to Melbourne’s market – beautiful components, well-designed riding kit, as well as knick-knacks and essential accessories.
À Bloc’s staff are riders; they hold interesting group rides, they know the roads of Melbourne, and take others on new adventures. The coffee is great, especially since Clement Coffee recently moved into the cafe space.
A healthy mix of many good things, done just right. You can catch À Bloc on instagram.
Words & pictures: Carole Whitehead