Sandgate Tweed Ride


Penny and Church

The Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club hosted their very first Tweed Ride recently. The Sandgate Tweed Ride saw riders turn out on a beautiful day with some gorgeous bicycles and even attracted new members to the club. The beautiful Morten Bay provided a lovely backdrop as riders met from 2pm at the corner of Cliff St and Flinders Parade in Sandgate.

A short but stylish ride followed, with the Penny Farthings stealing the parade, before afternoon tea and scones of course. Amongst some of the standout bikes on the day, besides the penny farthings, were a Hetchins and a 1945 Paratrooper bike. But it was creativity and enthusiasm that won on the day and pries were awarded accordingly.

Now that they have the taste for Tweed, we can’t wait to see what next year’s event looks like!  To find out more about the Queensland Penny Farthing and Historical Cycle Club visit their website.

Big Wheel Riders


Penny +Bag

Prize Winners