Light as a feather


Electric bikes, especially those of the commuter variety, have a reputation for being heavy. The BESV Panther PS1 puts paid to that weighing in at a dainty (for an electric bike), 16.9kg. The Panther received an award at the recent Good Design Award for its advanced proprietary algorhythm power drive system as well as its lightweight construction.


With a handmade frame constructed from more than ten layers of ¬†carbon fiber the frame achieves a light weight while retaining stiffness. The 250W motor is poweerd by a 36V battery and can provide 80kms of assisted power. The system offers four drive options, one of which is a ‘smart mode’ which will calculate the extra energy required to maximise the comfort of your ride.

You can find out more about the Panther PS1 at BESV. If you’re interested in the different electric bikes on the market take a look at the latest issue of Treadlie Magazine.