Issue 15

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.

Issue 15 is the first of our new bumper issues with an extra sixteen pages and is packed with great stories and photography, no matter where you are you’ll find plenty to inspire your urban adventures on the bicycle. Of course our subscribers got it first and if you would like to join them then you can head over here to do so.

Issue 15 features photography by Sydney (via Sweden) blogger Elin Bandman on the cover and inside we talk to her about the differences between riding in Sweden and Sydney she documents on her blog. We also talk to American performer Amanda Palmer about her visits to Australia, and how they always seem to involve bicycles. While many riders go out of their way to avoid hills Andy van Bergen is one rider who seeks them out; – and he is not alone. We chat with him about the inspiration behind the Hells 500 and the Everesting phenomenon. In a more laid back vein, we catch up with Spanish bike brand Dosnoventa, taking the friendly approach to business.

We spend a bit of time over the ditch in this issue and talk to the women behind Frocks on Bikes, applying the power of the frock to NZ bike advocacy. Our Travel feature is an inspiring New Zealand ride with something for everyone on the Otago bike trail.

We also take a look at the many different ways in which people are using electric bikes, no longer just for commuters!  We have a glittering Centrefold from Vanhulsteijn in the Netherlands and a beautiful local bicycle collection owned by Mario Romeo. The Velo-Cities Global conference earlier this year brought the conversation about bikes and cities to Adelaide and we take a look at the different ways in which both locals and delegates from around Australia and overseas joined in.

You can purchase this back issue here or in digital form via the Treadlie app on your iPad.