High and dry

Need some inspiration for those rainy day rides? If getting to work, the shops, or to the pub looks like hard work when its raining then check out some of these handy products, all designed to keep you dry in style.

The Rainrap‘s design is based on that of many normal fashion wraps but with added features to make it work on your bike in wet weather. It is water repellent, reversible, light-weight, fast drying and easy to store (folds up to fit in your handbag and/or suitcase). It comes with a hood and there are heaps of colour combinations!rainraps-cyclestyle-lores

Or maybe its the bottom half of you that’s getting wet? If you’re not keen on dragging a pair of waterproof pants on over your shoes while hopping on one foot in the street, then take a look at Georgia in Dublin’s Rainwrap. It’s essentially a wrap around skirt that can easily and quickly be fastened on over whatever you’re wearing to keep you dry and splash-free!


And lastly, there’s your feet and those lovely new boots of yours. Georgia in Dublin has a solution for this too. Leggits are waterproof overshoes with style. You can pop them on over your shoes or boots whether they are flat or heeled. They’ll keep your shoes and lower legs nice and dry while also increasing visibility. The toe soles are made from recycled inner tubes and are hand harvested and painstakingly filleted by Georgia in Dublin.



You can find out more about each of these products and how to order from CycleStyle. If none of these are your style then check out one of our earlier autumn posts about Takaokami wet weather gear.