Collaborating in transit

ShuttVR & ILE (Inside Line Equipment) have a strong affinity with each other. Both are small businesses focusing on quality, handmade cycling products. ILE is the brainchild of 25-year-old entrepreneur, bike mechanic Eric Fischer, who produces ILE bags in his California home/workshop by hand. Shutt, based in the UK, began with a simple mission; to create a well-designed, high quality brand of cycling attire.


ILE (Inside Line Equipment) bags are designed with strength and simplicity in mind, and the style & elegance found in cycling itself. ILE use the toughest materials, and best machines, to make highly durable bags. Each bag has a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship. ILE and Shutt have collaborated to produce the Transit Bag.


The Transit Bag is designed for for when you’re just stepping out, grab it and go. With enough room for your laptop, jacket, lock, and even those last minute bits of shopping. It features easily accessible pockets for your phone, wallet and pens, and a laptop sleeve. It also has a spacious weatherproof interior. Durable Cordura fabric keeps the contents protected, and a vinyl liner keeps contents dry in those surprise rain showers.


Exclusive to the Shutt/ILE collaboration are a reflective strip, multi-coloured flap, custom embroidery, coloured inner lining. You can check out all the specifications and order your limited edition bag here.