World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships – Ladies Bench Tournament


The last day here in Florida at the World Hardcourt Polo Championships was the Ladies Tournament. The day was hot and more than a few were nursing  heavy heads. It was a really nice wind down from a long few days. The vibe was more relaxed and great 90s tunes were pumped through the park all day. Things got tight later in the day as the single elimination finals were drawing closer. Erin Arwen and Kiki from Australia both played amazing games. Erin’s team was completely undefeated until the last moment in the single elimination finals.

Kiki’s teams team smashed it through and took out the winning place!

The bikes are being pulled apart and the fences taken down. Many long goodbyes to be had, so many amazing people here.

As mentioned earlier the camraderie in this sport is pretty astounding , especially between the aussie teams.

Florida has been a fantastic host to Polo this year, the sheer amount of volunteers and their dedication is amazing. You can see that everyone cleary loves the sport and wants it to grow.

What an amazing World Championships, thanks Florida!

Todays Team Profile: Melbourne Anchor

Melbourne Anchor

You can watch all the action at the Worlds live on and catch up with scores and competition results here. We’ll be posting a wrap up with exclusive photos from Steph each day here at Treadlie online. Steph is in Florida courtesy of Le Coq Sportif



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All Photos by Stephanie Simcox.