Velothon Sunshine Coast


Already successful in Germany, Wales, Sweden and Canada, Velothon is a rapidly growing global event series that in July 2017 brings a new look gran fondo experience to the Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast.

Golden sunlight, stunning surf beaches and holiday resorts are the Sunshine Coast’s trademark but for those in the know it has always been a genuine cycling mecca.

With the launch of Velothon Sunshine Coast, you can now share the long kept secret of the spectacular hinterland and seductive coastal roads, as much a feast for the eyes as they are a challenge for the legs.

With temperatures in the mid 20’s, Velothon Sunshine Coast offers the ultimate winter cycling escape, bringing together a stunning riding location, perfect riding conditions and a world class experience on and off the bike for passionate riders of all athletic abilities.

From the 13-16 July 2017, you can live the Velothon experience, leave reality behind, fully immerse yourself in your cycling passion and take a two-wheel trip to the freedom that only a gran fondo can truly deliver.

Whether it is the test of the full three day Velothon over 355 kilometres of some of the best roads and best climbing Australia has to offer, or the equally inspiring 155-kilometre or 95-kilometre one day events, free yourself from the restrictions of your weekly commute, or weekend group ride and experience a new journey that gives you a full tour experience.


Set your sights on the daily King of the Mountain, Sprint, Team or Stage winners’ jerseys or just ride for the love of it. Either way, Velothon Sunshine Coast will challenge you with every hill, every corner and every descent. You will love the exhilaration of the open road, revel in the camaraderie of the peleton, living the dream and becoming the rider you always knew you could be.

Every cycling event has its signature climb that will push even the fittest of competitors and for the Velothon Sunshine Coast, it is the ominous Obi Obi. An almost 5-kilometre long climb that reaches (and holds) a scary 27 per cent gradient, it will quickly become an Aussie cycling icon and feature in conversations right across the country.

Velothon Sunshine Coast walks a beautifully crafted fine line that encompasses both the extreme of the Obi Obi and the sanctuary of the Mooloolaba Beachfront Velo Bar and Clubhouse that will be a welcome refuge and the hub of the event.

At rides end, the Clubhouse will be where riders can kick back and relax with their mates and chat about their day. Relive every sprint and summit, have coffee, drink beer, eat snacks and watch ‘Le Tour’ highlights on the big screen, you will be in cycling nirvana.

Velothon Sunshine Coast, the roads, the glory, the banter – you know you deserve it.

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