VanMoof’s ‘Electrified S’


Many obstacles have hindered widespread adoption of electric bikes, including looking like you’re riding a mobility scooter that sounds like a dirt bike. Now, Amsterdam-based bike maker, VanMoof, is introducing the Electrified S – an e-bike that neither looks nor sounds like one.

Featuring unprecedented smartphone connectivity amid growth in the ‘Internet of Things’, the ‘S’ in Electrified S stands for smart, and the innovative new bike is now available for presale with special offers available for the first wave of buyers.

‘In reinventing the e-bike, we were determined to build a bike that is beautiful inside and out, but with brains to match,’ said Ties Carlier, who along with brother Taco is a co-founder of VanMoof.

‘We’re confident we’ve built the smartest and most connected e-bike on the market, and one that advances VanMoof’s mission of breaking down barriers to commuting, empowering more people to get from point A to point B in cities around the globe.’  

The Electrified S features two speeds (automatic gear-shifting as you pick up speed) and is available in grey, black or a limited-edition white. Its electric assist is enabled only when a rider is pedalling, reducing travel time and making it easier to climb hills, while ensuring riders arrive at their destination faster and fitter.

VanMoof garnered international praise for the first iteration of its Electrified model in 2014. With the Electrified S, VanMoof has rebuilt the e-bike from the ground up, further integrating electronics within the bike’s frame and adding a full suite of technological enhancements.

The Electrified S also offers 2.5 times the range. The smart e-bike offers an ideal solution amid increased urban sprawl, which is increasing the length of commutes, and amid increased traffic congestion, as the electric assist makes it easier to quickly reach higher speeds while navigating traffic.

‘Until now, e-bikes have been most popular among Baby Boomers, despite their potential to radically improve everyone’s commute,’ added Carlier. ‘We believe this unique integration of smart technologies will attract a much wider audience and inspire many more people to commute by bike.’

Advanced features of the Electrified S include:

– Smartphone Connectivity – A sleek smartphone app allows owners to change speed settings, track their bike’s location on a map using a built-in GSM connection and activate anti-theft tracking.
– Keyless Lock – Place your hand on the bike, and its integrated Bluetooth technology will confirm that you’re the owner and automatically unlock the bike.
– Fully Integrated – The bike’s electronics, battery and battery-powered LED lights are all integrated inside the frame, keeping the bike’s design clean and streamlined.
– Incredibly Lightweight – A small, invisible, nearly-silent motor results in a mere 40-pound bike, making it one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. That’s without sacrificing power: the Electrified S offers a range up to 75 miles and top speed of 20 miles per hour.
– Digital Touchpad Display – Embedded inside the bike’s top tube, the digital display is easily viewed while riding and shows details like speed, distance travelled, power level and battery life.
– Power Boost – A push of the power boost button helps riders accelerate faster.

More information can be found on their website.