The TiGr


An oldie but a goodie the TiGr lock remains one our favourite pieces of gadgetry to date. A titanium bike lock, the TiGr is designed as cleanly and thoughtfully as a bike. It’s secure but elegant, simple and easy to use and store.

The TiGr system includes a flexible Titanium bow and a compact, highly pick resistant lock cylinder. The TiGr bow has a protective coating to protect your bike and stores snugly and unobtrusively on the top tube with simple and light weight straps.

The Titanium bow is flexible so you can lock your bike to a variety of structures up to about 5 1/2” in diameter. Depending on your wheel base, rim and tire configuration, you can even lock both wheels (without removal) and frame to a structure.


The lock body is precision machined from 304 Stainless Steel and the lock mechanism uses a highly pick-resistant and environmentally robust rotary disc key mechanism. The lock body is light and compact (0.5” Diameter x 1.8” Long) and stores easily in your seat bag or pocket.

Since it’s successful launch in 2011, the TiGr has had reincarnation as the TiGr mini, which won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2016, and now, as a part of Kickstarter’s Make/100 challenge, a third TiGr is being introduced.

The TiGr mini+ is a gorgeous new upgrade that, if you haven’t already purchased a TiGr lock, is definitely worth your attention – check it out now and consider pledging some funds.