Third annual Bright 24hr

Last year Team Treadlie took to the trails around Bright, swapping our urban rides for mtb trails. We had such a blast we’re going back for more! Now in its third year the 2015 Bright 24hr is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever.

Borne out of a vision that brings mountain biking, the town of Bright and the tracks together to create the perfect 24hr race, the B24 held on November 14-15th, provides the opportunity for all competitors to tailor their weekend, whether it be competitive, sociable, or a little bit of both. This is one of the things we loved about the B24. Being in the heart of the town everyone, whether they were keen riders, or one-lappers, kids, family and friends, could enjoy the weekend together.


The tracks around Bright in Victoria’s North East are renowned and Bright itself is a well-established tourist destination for the whole family. Bring these elements together in one weekend and you have the B24!

The B24 caters for everyone, from the elite solo rider, to fun teams of 6. There is a race for the juniors and a groundbreaking category “Esprit de Corps”, for those that may like to ride with team mates and don’t necessarily like riding through the night. Think of it as a weekend away with great food, fun times, amazing trails and just as much riding as you’re going to enjoy.


The atmosphere at the B24 site in Pioneer Park will be buzzing with campers, transition, sponsors and competitors while just down the road the town of Bright awaits with breweries, restaurants, accommodation, shopping and plenty of activities for the whole family.

You can check out more details about the B24 online where you’ll also be able to register.