The Velce Bicycle Pedestal


The Velce Bicycle Pedestal is more than a bike stand, it’s a piece of furniture –  a meaningful and aesthetically cohesive place to put one’s bicycle in the composition of everyday living spaces. Designed to capture a bicycle’s nature and form, the Pedestal is one of three pieces that Velce launched with this year.

The Pedestal’s circular form complements a bicycle’s design and gives a feeling of motion, inspiring one to ride. It is a bike stand on which to rest and exhibit one’s bicycle whether it be in a lounge room, office or even bedroom.


The Pedestal is handcrafted by Velce’s creators, Anna and Ricardo, at their studio in Sydney. Thoughtfully designed and passionately constructed, it is made to keep and last.

Velce is about rejecting the current model of consumption that is fast and furious. They don’t want to have any negative repercussions on our world. In fact, they want the exact opposite. Velce aim to create meaningful experiences, experiences that make life more beautiful and inspire conscious living.


Velce is also about movement-centric design. They aim to inspire greater consciousnesses and wellbeing through physical motion. The Pedestal was the first piece produced for Velce. Further to being a healthy physical activity, cycling, as a mode of transport, is one solution to the sustainability issues encountered with our increasingly denser urban spaces.

Because Velce give the upmost regard to quality and sustainability, they have made use of 3D technologies to create custom made tools to precisely cut the slot for the tyre into the Pedestal’s curved form. And if you look closely you’ll notice a brass tag set into the wood at one end of the slot, which has been cast by a local Sydney jeweller.

The Pedestal was created to honour bicycles and inspire one to ride whether it be for training, leisure or transport.


Velce Bicycle Pedestal Awards

Furnitex – Australian Furniture Association – Winner of the Craftsmanship Emerging Designer Category 2016 (Brisbane)

The Rookies – Industrial Design – Runner Up 2016 (International)

Vivid Décor + Design – Finalist – Exhibited 21th – 24th July 2016 (Melbourne)

Workshopped16 Exhibition – Exhibited 4th – 21st August 2016 (Sydney)

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