The Speedvagen Fit Tour comes to town


Sacha White and The Vanilla Workshop are preparing to take off on the second leg of their Speedvagen Fit Tour. Whereas the first trip saw the Speedvagen Fit Tour pedalling the coast of California, this second trip takes Speedvagen to Australia, specifically Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to fitting new Speedvagen customers, there will be rides in each city as well as evening events open to the public. Fresh off the success of the California Fit Tour, extending the program is a natural progression, reaching customers that would normally not make it to Portland for a personal fitting with Sacha.

“Our time in California was awesome. We had so much fun riding with friends and making new ones and it was especially gratifying to fit over twenty people up and down the coast of California.  The FIT Tour embodies so many things about our process, its a really imprtant part of Speedvagen’s growth. We want to make great bikes for our customers, and excellent fit delivers a ride quality unlike any other.  Speedvagen was born to solve a problem: getting a high end custom race machine, not in years, but in a matter of months. This tour is an evolution of that philosophy, bringing the fit to our customers and making it possible for them to get a bike that is truly 100%. Also, we ocassionally like to get out of the shop and into the world!” says Sacha White, owner and lead builder at The Vanilla Workshop.


Fit is a huge component of a custom bike, and over the last 15 years Sacha White has developed a unique fitting method you can’t find anywhere else. He prides himself on finding the sweet spot between posture and balance over the bike. Posture is the easy part, found in all fit methods. Finding the correct balance is where the art comes in, balancing the client over key contact points on the bike. Working with these pillars ensures the client gets a bike that complements them perfectly, becoming an extension of the body.

There are limited spots available, as each fit takes 2-3 hours. Spending this much time working with each customer allows Sacha to understand each rider’s unique strengths, needs and limitations. The end result is your dream bike, completely tuned to your riding Learn more about the Australia Fit Tour or schedule a fit session with Sacha here.

Sydney Dates: August 24th – 30th at the Rapha Cycle Club

Melbourne Dates: Sept 1st – 6th at Shifter Bikes



Photography: John Watson