The Rolling Fix


There was a time a few years back that the roads were clogged with endless cars, and sadly that still holds true. But no one can deny it has, and is, lessening. Nowadays the road is also filled with two-wheeled demons navigating the fastest, and most motor-vehicle free, route to wherever they’re going. (we use the term two-wheeled demon with fondness and a smirk).

The past year or so has seen a big push in Sydney for all things cycle-centric – some of it good and some of it a little off track. But what has been great is the bike business boom. Results from IBISWorld pegs compound annual growth just from bicycle retailing and repairs in Australia at sharpish 7.9 per cent between 2011 and 2016 million and annual revenue at $729.


“The way we travel in Sydney is changing. More than 7,000 people ride to work in the city centre each day – the equivalent of 116 full buses,” said Lord Mayor Moore in a previous interview this year. “As riding a bike becomes more popular, it’s opening up new economic opportunities.”

One such opportunity is The Rolling Fix, a mobile bike mechanic service founded by Thomas Treloar and Cameron Harrison. They’ve been around for a few years now but what’s new is their service trikes. Instead of just travelling to and from businesses and homes in one of their vans, now they also have a three-wheeled service for your two-wheeled service.


You can check out their origin story here, or if you need a tune up – visit their website.