The Knog Oi bicycle bell


Best known for their lights and locks, Melbourne-based cycling accessories company, Knog, have recently created a new bell. Dubbed the ‘Oi’, the bell has been¬†specifically designed to not “protrude from your handle bar like a blister.” Instead of using a traditional dome, the entire unit is a slim, hollow cylinder that wraps around the bar.

The Oi is available in five styles. The standard aluminium model comes in four finishes: brushed aluminium; brass-plated; copper-plated; and black. The top of the range, “treat yourself” model is made from titanium.

After extensively experimenting with¬†different “widths, depths, materials, curvature, actuators, springs”, the Oi comes in two sizes and can fit on almost all circular bars. The smaller of the two is for the common 22.2mm bar, while the larger option accommodates for all sizes up to 31.8mm with supplied shims (spacers) having been included in the pack.


Not only physically appealing, the Oi also boasts the sound of “an angel playing glockenspiel.” In fact the bell actually has several pitch tones, and after being struck with a spring-loaded actuator, the Oi plays more like a chord rather than a single note.

Launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week, Knog have already far surpassed their original goal of $20,000, with over $100,000 being pledged and 26 days to go. With the pledges still rolling in fast, one of the best ways to get your hands on an Oi is by pledging $26 or more for “your choice of a standard aluminium bell” or $47 or more for a premium titanium model.

You can find out more details Knog’s website or go straight to their Kickstarter.