The Japanese Odyssey

Combining their passions for cycling and Japan a Strasbourg based firm has come up with the next long-distance cycling challenge to inspire you. The Japanese Odyssey will launch from Sapporo in Hokkaido on Sunday September 13th and kick off fourteen days of bicycle adventure!


Riders will have to reach Kagoshima, on Kyushu. They will ride solo and unsupported across four islands of Japan over a distance of about 2700 km. With four mandatory check points, including The Norikura Pass, the highest by road in Japan, the route is up to each rider. Do you take the fast route on deadly dull highways, or the almost car-free backroads?

The Japanese Odyssey ¬†is about performance, about challenging oneself, not about competing against the others. It is not a race but a challenge to complete the trip within the designated time while having an adventure and discovering a new country. As director Emmanuel Bastian describes it, “There is nothing to win, but so much to experience.”

Registrations open July 1st but you can dig out that ultralight cycling gear you invested in and start perusing the rules now