The CLUG bike rack


The CLUG Roadie, designed by Vancouver based Hurdler Studios, Inc. for Clug Brands Inc, is the world’s smallest indoor bike rack.

Hurdler Studios also designed the CLUG MTB (for mountain bikes) and CLUG Hybrid (for hybrid, cyclocross and BMX bikes), both of which are the smallest bike racks in their classes.

The CLUG Roadie measures just 42mm x 42mm x 32mm (1.65″ x 1.65″ x 1.26″). The CLUG Hybrid is similarly discreet, measuring just 58mm x 58mm x 39mm (2.28″ x 2.28″ x 1.54″). The CLUG MTB measures 82mm x 82mm x 51mm (3.22″ x 3.22″ x 20.08″).

The great-looking wall-mounted brackets use an innovative design to hug the bike tyre securely. When the bike is mounted, the weight is transferred to the ground-based wheel with very low rotational force.

The wall-mount bracket comes in two parts, the strong outer Clipper, which attaches to the wall using two screws; and the rounded Gripper insert, which hugs the bike tyre securely.


The elegant design was first seen as a 2014 Kickstarter project. This saw significant demand and received over three times its $32,000 target ($107,947) to take it into production.

CLUG’s CEO, Jon Winebrenner, said: ‘We developed the CLUG to help us solve a problem, our team cycles into the office every day and before CLUG, bikes were everywhere.’

‘We looked around for a solution but felt there wasn’t an elegant system at the right price. Hanging them from our high ceilings wasn’t an option, which led to the idea of keeping the back tyre on the ground and gave the CLUG its tiny size.’

The roadie design is available in eight colour options: blue, green, black or orange insert with a black or white outside while the Hybrid and MTB are available in four colour options each: blue, green, black or orange inserts with a white outside.

The tiny bike storage clips are now available to buy in 15 countries through four distributors, two international retailers and direct from the CLUG online store.