Tailfin bike rack and panniers

It’s a frustrating fact that not all bikes are made to accommodate racks and panniers. Rack mounts can be hefty even without a pannier attached, meaning they are often best suited for heavier bikes – effectively ruling out road, touring and cyclocross riders. The Tailfin was created to put an end to this exclusivity.

Tailfin is a carbon fibre rack with accompanying panniers. The rack weighs 350 grams, can carry a load of up to 18 kilograms and is adaptable to the majority of road bikes. This wishbone-shaped product is rigged up without the help of any tools and comes with a custom-made, quick-release skewer with built-in mounting features. Riders simply replace their bike’s axle with the Tailfin axle to mount the rack.

The Tailfin panniers are similarly designed to deliver utility and simplicity. The bags are 100 percent waterproof and have a rigid internal backbone to firmly secure their contents. The Super Light Pannier Bag weighs 650 grams, while the Ultra Durable Pannier Bag weighs in at 800 grams. Both have a maximum storage capacity of 22 litres.

And if you already have your own panniers, don’t fear: the rack comes with attachable boosters to carry your existing ones. Both the rack and the panniers come in a range of colours.

The T1 Carbon Pannier Rack costs a pretty penny at $439.00 and the Super Light Pannier Bag and Ultra Durable Pannier bag both come in at $159.99. To date, consumer reviews have praised Tailfin’s easy installation process and high performance.


Images: Tailfin