Putting the fun back into cycling

Commuting never looked like so much fun! Greg Papove’s Whoopdeedoo project is about breaking daily routine and providing a fun moment on your daily bicycle commute, whether it’s to work, school or the shops. Installed during Bike To Work week in Vancouver,

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Bulmers Bike Build in Issue 12 of Treadlie Magazine

Bulmers Bike Build

When we teamed up with Bulmers Cider to host the Bulmers Bike Build we wanted to try and reach as many potential bike designers as possible. Not only master craftspeople wielding their oxy-acetylene torches and bike building traditions, but also those inspired

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Ralf Holleis 3D lugs

Ralf Holleis’ 3D printed lugs

3D printing is everywhere these days so why not in the world of bikes? Check out these amazing 3D printed lugs by designer Ralf Holleis which he used to build a track bike. We take a look at lugs, their history, revival

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Pecker Design

Getting a grip

Wooden handlebar grips have a long tradition in bicycle manufacturing. Pecker Design takes on this tradition and combines it with modern aesthetics. Pecker’s grips are made of wood, what they feel is the most sustainable alternative to synthetic bike grips. One of

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