Sydney Rides Business Challenge

In 2011, 182 local businesses and 3,141 people signed up to the Sydney Rides Business Challenge, cycling nearly 250,000km combined and encouraging 1558 people to try cycling for the first time in over a year. Three months later, 77% of new cyclists reported that they had started cycling more regularly – a fantastic result. This year the competition is coming back to Sydney and it’ll be your turn to invite your workplace to take part.


What is the Sydney Rides Business Challenge? It’s a free incentive based staff cycling scheme run to encourage and support employees to discover the benefits of cycling. Workplaces across Sydney will compete between 23 March – 19 April to win fantastic individual and team prizes, including cinema tickets for those who ride a bike for the first time in a year, and of course, Treadlie subscriptions will be amongst the prizes.

Your staff only need to try cycling for at least 10 minutes in a 4 week period. It’s not about cycling the furthest nor about cycling to work. It’s about getting as many people as possible to try riding.

To find out more and register check out the details at Sydney Rides Business Challenge.