Sydney making all the right links

Work is underway in the next link to Sydney’s planned network of cycleways. Expecting 22,000 new jobs and 40,000 new residents by 2030, Green Square is set to be Sydney’s fastest growing area. The George Street bicycle link will connect Green Square and residents of Waterloo, Alexandria and Redfern with the city centre and provide a congestion free option for commuters.

The City of Sydney is building a new bi-directional separated cycleway on George Street in Redfern; and in Allen Street, Mandible Street and Short Street in Waterloo. Pictured here is construction underway on George St in Redfern.


Once completed, the approx 6 km city centre to Green Square cycle link will give people the option to ride from Green Square to central Sydney via a separated cycleway in George Street, shared paths in Prince Alfred Park, Chalmers Street and Elizabeth Street and on to a proposed separated cycleway in Wentworth Avenue and then the existing College Street cycleway.

The design was prepared in consultation with the Roads and Maritime Services, State Transit Authority, Redfern George Street Fire Brigade, the Department of Housing NSW and surrounding residents and businesses.



Key points of the design include;

    • Extending the existing 40km/hour zone from Redfern Street to Bourke Street, Waterloo with new traffic calming measures.
    • Retaining loading zones in their current location.
    • Introducing one way streets on George Street from McEvoy to Allen Street and on Allen Street between George Street and Botany Road to alleviate parking loss.
    • Improved footpaths and pedestrian crossings and new trees.