Sydney advocates having an impact

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) has confirmed that the  A-maze development will “not be proceeding at the moment” securing Pyrmont Bridge as a safe cycling and pedestrian route.

While yet  to officially withdraw their Development Application, Bicycle NSW say they have been effective in getting the NSW Government to listen to themselves, BIKESydney and Affiliated Bicycle User Groups. Bicycle NSW has offered to work with SHFA and the Government on an appropriate investment and solution on Pyrmont Bridge to improve the cyclist and pedestrian interplay which will achieve significant sustainability and mobility objectives.

In their submission Bicycle NSW expressed concerns with A-maze around:

  1. Reducing access to the shared path facilities increases risks to pedestrians and cyclists
  2. Reducing the speed of cyclists below 10kms/hr is dangerous and imposes a risk to all users of the bridge
  3. Continuous pedestrian access along the northern cycle way imposes high risks to all users
  4. “No cycling zone” in breach of development compliance
  5. “No cycling zone” contradicts the City of Sydney Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan
  6. A-maze on Pyrmont Bridge contravenes the Authority’s remit to drive business for tenancies

Bicycle NSW  recommends that SHFA locate A-maze in a more appropriate position within the Darling Harbour precinct that will more adequately provide safe and easy access.


Councillor Linda Scott confirmed in her media release today, “I am pleased that Minister Goward has listened to my calls and informed The Daily Telegraph she is committed to dropping this project from its current location. The Minister and Liberal State Government now need to deliver on this commitment and withdraw the proposal. The NSW Government should be devoting new funding to ensuring the Pyrmont Bridge has better cycle and pedestrian access ramps, rather than barge–style obstacle courses”.

BIKESydney President David Borella said “The bridge should remain clear for safe passage of walkers and riders. Thank you to all that contributed and particularly Bicycle NSW. The response was huge. Change made. We have extended the invitation to SHFA and Pru Goward to find workarounds. It was merely the wrong location for an otherwise great idea”.

Bicycle NSW say they fully support improvements to Pyrmont Bridge and ‘soft’ separated infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians could be the best way to reduce conflict. Bicycle NSW is keen to work closely with SHFA to develop an excellent solution to improve bicycle user and pedestrian interplay on Pyrmont Bridge achieving both sustainability and mobility objectives.