Super Tuesday results show cyclist numbers growing

Bicycle Network has shared the findings of the 2019 Super Tuesday report, which shows that cyclist numbers continue to grow on Melbourne’s dedicated bike routes.

Super Tuesday is Australia’s biggest annual commuter bike count. It makes note of volumes, gender, and movement flow of people on bikes with the support of councils and local community groups. This year, twenty Victorian councils participated and measuring was conducted in 38 sites.

Bicycle Network found that “rider numbers have increased by more than 30 per cent in recent years on routes including La Trobe Street, Capital City Trail and Main Yarra Trail.”

“The Capital City Trail at Footscray Road was Melbourne’s busiest location for bike riders in 2019, recording 1889 bike riders, an increase of 30.3 per cent since 2013.

La Trobe Street, the site of Melbourne’s first Copenhagen-style separated bike lanes, recorded 1563 riders at the intersection of Exhibition Street, an increase of 82.5 per cent since 2013.

St Kilda Road, typically Melbourne’s busiest bike route, saw a decrease in rider numbers from 2018 and minimal growth in the past five years. St Kilda Road is currently hampered by Metro Tunnel works and the long-promised protected bike lanes are still a long way from being a reality.”

Full report here

Picture: Tamsin O’Neill