Steel and leather


Victoire Cycles are a modern French bicycle brand with their inspiration in the tradition of bicycle craftsmanship. Custom-made fillet-brazed or stainless steel bikes are built up with components machined in France.


Handcrafted in their workshop in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Victoire Cycles combine these traditions with the very modern demands of todays riders, whether they are looking for fixed gear, urban, road, randonneuse or mountain bikes.


Berluti are a much more established fashion brand with a long and proud tradition of stylish leather for city gentleman. Based in paris, but with Italian roots, Berluti’ latest campaign is built around the bicycle and so naturally, they turned to Victoire Cycles to come up with the unique bicycle for the campaign, and one that would show off their leather accessories to perfection.


The resulting bicycle is a porteur style inspired model, handcrafted at the Victoire Cycles workshop in Clermont-Ferrand. Frame, fork and luggage rack are in fillet-brazed steel. The handcrafted wheel set with Victorie HFT hubs laced with Ghisallo wooden rims set off the custom-designed Berluti accessories, frame bag, sling basket and toe straps, perfectly.


To further complement the build Berluti have designed a shoe exclusively for the campaign. The Victoire for Berluti Bicycle is available by special order, either from the Tokyo, London, Paris and New York Berluti stores or by contacting Victoire Bicycles direct. You will also find complete details of the build on their website.