Spooky CX

Dirty Deeds CX are back, hosting what has become the de-facto close of the CX season, Spooky CX!

Spooky CX sees all your nightmares realised in a sidesplittingly funny sort of way as leg-searing lung-wrenching pain gives way to a fit of the giggles.  Pre-registration is open although the events allow for more participants than the rest of the Dirty Deeds CX series so don’t panic if you can’t get organised enough to register, you may well be able to register on the day from 3pm.

Held at the fabulous Harrison Street velodrome, home of the Brunswick Cycling Club, Spooky CX will feature short track cx,   shambolic but deadly relay cx and of course, the main event, the BCCDDCXSSCXWC. (Or, the Brunswick Cycling Club Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Single Speed CycloCross World Championshop as it is often referred to. Not. )

Of course Halloween style costuming is practically compulsory and we’ll be bringing the Treadlie Photo Booth to capture riders and their costumes in all their Spooky CX glory! Just what you need, your rad costume choices immortalised and hung on the internet to haunt you for years to come. There’ll be a prize of a Treadlie Musette, T-shirt and subscription to our favourite costume of the day, but you HAVE to get shot at the Photo Booth to be eligible to win!  Weather permitting, (given that the Photo Booth has tendency to take flight in a stiff breeze) we’ll be shooting between 3-6pm.

In addition there will be lots of race fun and shenanigans, prizes for costumes, passing out and falling over so make sure you check out the Dirty Deeds CX site to stay up to date with what’s happening. See you there, Saturday November the 2nd!

All photos by and with kind permission of  Jo Upton Photography.