Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display

Solos is the world’s smallest heads-up display that floats cycling stats in front of your eyes. No extra gadgets to clip on, strap on or fix to your bike frame – just a minimal and aerodynamic pair of sunglasses that are stacked with some seriously smart tech.

Solos have named that tech the Vista Pupil display. It’s a small heads-up micro-display embedded into the glasses’ lens that sits at perfect eye level and it comes with an abundance of smart sensors, which can show you ride data like speed, cadence, heart rate, power zones, calories burned, distance travelled, elevation and more.

The glasses even let you make calls while you ride. Armed with dual microphones and speakers, which are positioned in the arms a small distance from your ears, you can still hear ambient sounds like traffic while you’re on a call. There’s also a vocal separation feature to sharpen voice clarity.


The lenses are a low-density military-grade thermoplastic-polyamide nylon blend and the power should last for around 6 hours. It wouldn’t be smart tech without a nifty app to go with it, so of course Solos has one of those as well.

The app allows users to explore a post-ride data dashboard, access an activity monitor, see activity details, graphs and charts, and track your ride routes and distance travelled on maps.

The project is kicking some major butt on Kickstarter right now, so head on over and have a look.