Sock ‘n roll

Despite what the above pun might suggest, socks are serious business. Not only do they keep your feet dry and warm, they can be as eclectic and stylish in design as the day is long. Without further ado, here are a few of our favourite designs at the moment.

MAAP spares no effort when it comes to their gear, serving quality from head to toe. The Clone sock features Meryl® Skinlife technology with permanent antimicrobial properties, plus they look sleek as.

Image: MAAP

These women’s ankle socks from DeFeet are just too cute to resist. They also deliver in the performance department – they’re breathable and moisture wicking.

Image: DeFeet


Looking at these socks makes our stomach rumble. The hilariously-named Bacon and Leggs socks are made by Australia-based Pedal Mafia.

Image: Pedal Mafia

Fellow Aussie brand 4SHAW is all about optimising your comfort and performance. Take these funky Merino wool socks as proof.

Image: 4SHAW