So comfy

The winter chill has well and truly bitten in many areas of Australia and early morning commutes, or a spin with friends, have become a challenge in heat retention! Enter the Comfy.

The multi-functional head and neck wear for all seasons and conditions has been developed for a wide range of applications and outdoor activities  and is perfect for on the bike. The Oxford Comfy is designed to keep your neck and head protected from the elements when you need it most.

IMG_1132rs - Bicycle

Constructed with a lightweight, breathable and wind resistant material to provide maximum comfort especially during extended use, the Oxford Comfy also has a clever seamless design is ensured to reduce any discomfort even on the most sensitive skin.

The one size fits all design of the Oxford Comfy allows it to be worn however you feel comfortable. This could be in the form of a neck scarf, beanie, balaclava or facemask just to name a few. There is also no shortage of style options as the Comfy comes in more colours, themes and patterns than you could ever imagine. You can find your nearest retailer here.