Sending the right signals

One of the great things about riding a bike is that it can be reasonaby low-tech. A simple bike is all you actually need and yet, as your local bike shop can probably attest, many of us can’t resist splashing out on technology to enhance the ride. Technology is also often invoked as a solution to many of the safety issues riders face.

Korean Leemyungsu Design Lab┬áis dedicated to developing IT fashion products and has come up a product intended to make it easier for riders to signal their intentions to drivers. The Seil bag is a backpack that electronically signals when a rider is turning left, right or stopping with LED lights on it’s external fabric. With a detachable wireless controller on the rider’s handlebars for selecting signals the Seil bag also has an app which would allow riders to pre-program other messages. It also, bemusingly, features a ‘sorry’ signal. Not so sure about that one!

The Seil Bag is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

seil-LED-signal-backpack-for-bicycle-riders-designboom-100 seil-LED-signal-backpack-for-bicycle-riders-designboom-07 seil-LED-signal-backpack-for-bicycle-riders-designboom-05